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Living on the Edge

Ok, so…yeah.  Those ant-sized things are people.  Not just one or two, but several.  Idiots, knuckleheads, thrill-seekers, whatever you want to call them – those people may as well have a martini in one hand and a come-hither look on their faces because they are FLIRTING with Death. “Guard rails” (and I use the term […]



The funny (not as in “ha-ha” funny, but rather “depressingly-odd” funny) thing about the Grand Canyon is that in the height of August when we visited, it was cooler than my hometown of Hell, Texas. #FML While taking in the splendor of that big hole in the ground, I watched a squirrel hippity-hop along and […]


The WONDERful Grand Canyon

We just got back from family vacation and I have to wonder why the Grand Canyon isn’t listed as one of the “wonders of the world”.  Seriously.  My first thought was, “I wonder what the people who first saw it thought?”  The thing that struck me was that there is no preamble.  You can’t see […]


Why I Love Photography

I see things better from behind the lens of a camera.  I notice more details, I judge the contrast of light and dark more accurately, and generally I feel more “in the moment” than I do as a casual observer.  Taking photos makes me feel like I am thoughtfully in wonder, and that is a […]


Memorial Day 2014

My father in-law died last month, and today was the first time we went to see the headstone.  The National Cemetery held a beautiful ceremony today in honor of Memorial Day, and I will be sharing more pictures in a later post. This one is for Vernon.