Day (489) – In The Eyes

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The Better Man Project ™

She looked me in the eyes and said. “But what made you that way?” “Like what?” I asked. “People aren’t just that way, the way you are. Something happened. What was it?”

I looked back at her knowing one thing for sure…that she had seen right into me and that she almost already knew the answer. Like I always say, the specifics aren’t actually the important part. It’s everything after the event that actually matters. Maybe it wasn’t just in that second that she knew, but she knew. I’ve never really been called on that part of my life before. I’ve always been able to sense that in others…but never had the mirror turned my direction.

So I sipped my drink and started to tell the story, only to be cut short. But as the words stopped coming out of my mouth, I started to think.


You’ve probably heard the…

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