Outside My Comfort Zone


I did something last weekend that I swore I’d never do, for no other reason than I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it. I am happy to say that I was wrong!

A friend asked me to shoot her son (and his date)’s prom pictures. I was honored to be asked and I immediately said Yes to her, but then “Ohmygosh what did I just agree to?” reared its ugly head and I freaked out a little. I reminded myself that I prefer to shoot places, not people, because buildings don’t have opinions or criticism to offer… Buildings don’t complain about the working conditions… Buildings let ME do MY thing without getting lippy…

Then I stopped.

Then I thought, “This could be fun!” I began to brainstorm and scout out locations (which was fun) and research “proper” poses (which was intimidating). In the end, I just decided to put apprehensions and expectations aside, and I just went for it.

As it turns out, none of the things I freaked out about even came into play. The couple was there with the same attitude I was – “Let’s have fun!”

And we did.

If you want to see the pics, they are in my Zenfolio, but mainly I just wanted to encourage you to try something new…You might be surprised at how much you like it.

******** P.S. I welcome any critique anyone is willing to offer!!! *******


    1. Nikki

      I definitely had more fun than I thought I would. Of course, having people who didn’t take themselves too seriously helped. I think I will look for an excuse to try it again sometime 🙂


  1. pcormary

    Hi Nikki your pictures are just great .You did very well managing the couple attitude with a great artistic eye. Congrats !! I am about to shoot portraits on Friday . I am very nervous and also very excited.


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