Deep Ellum, June 2012

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Deep Ellum is an area in Dallas known for its nightlife, and there is not very much activity during the day. This made for a great day of being able to walk at a leisurely pace and really take notice of the detail of the place.


It is near downtown Dallas and one of the main streets through it is called Elm Street. Though the street is long, it is the part of Elm that is located in the corner of Central Expressway and I-30 that is referred to as “deep”.

My favorite thing to capture is juxtaposition, especially something beautiful/ordered/clean next to something ugly/disorganized/dirty. When I see starkly-contrasted things side by side, the line where the opposites meet pulls me in, and I can’t resist further examination.

Here are few examples of my favorite finds that day:


I love looking at all the details.

Then of course, there is the goodness of an unexpected find like this:

And this:

For the person on the go, there is this piece of eye-candy:

I like when the mantra “Reuse/Recycle” is taken to the creative extreme:

I love the lines of this –

and the color of this –

There was more than just graffiti to look at, as the city hired local artists to do installations all over the area. This was my favorite:

There are three parts to the installation, which is called The Traveling Man, and are made out of stainless steel. The largest piece stands 38 feet tall.

It was just a great day, with many good finds in the shadow of Downtown.

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