I don’t consider myself a pushover when it comes to parenting.  Neither do I consider myself a “Helicopter Parent”.  But there is just something about my kids, that causes me to some times (not all the time) be unable to resist them.  Sigh.

One of those times is when one of them sidles up next to me on the couch and asks me to scratch their back.  I am powerless against their charms.  99.9% of the time I say yes, and forego anything else that is calling for my attention.  Laundry?  Can wait.  Dinner?  That’s what Papa John’s is for.

Maybe the reason I can’t resist them because most of the time they are whirling dervishes of ADHD, but when my hand is on their backs, they are so calm.  And to me, it is a little slice of heaven.

I took the Brown-Eyed Dervishes to the park yesterday, and I got one shot of them sitting there posing for me.

Can you tell they are just humoring me?

Then… they were off…

I was exhausted just trying to keep up with them…

I seriously didn’t get more than the one shot of them being still.

But it was fun.  And sometimes, that’s all that matters.


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