What 40 Looks Like

So. I’m not a 40 year-old (much to the chagrin of most of my friends), but I am now officially married to one.

Thanks, Brown-Eyed Boy, for snapping the pic!

This is what 40 looks like:

It’s all, “Really?  You gonna get the camera out at this fancy-schmancy restaurant?”

Me: Why yes, yes I am.  Ain’t skeered.

It’s, “OK, then, I’ll show you Me looking fancy.”

The raised pinky kicks the dirty martini up a notch, dontchathink?
It’s, “OK, OK, you win.  I’ll bring the candle over and let you play with your camera’s candlelight settings”
Me: Nice!  I told you this new camera would be AWE-some!

It’s, “You want smolder?  I’ll give you smolder.”
Me: Work it. Work it. Make love to the camera.
And, then it’s all, “I’m bored of you now.”

Can I please finish my dinner in peace???
Yes you can.  Thanks for being a good sport.  And thanks for making me feel like a sweet young thing now that you’ve advanced to the next decade of life.  I luv my huuusbun’!

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