To Live and Die in LV

I wish I were referring to my favorite LV, Louis Vuitton.  The one that’s classy and smells good.  But I am not.

I’m talking about the other LV.  The dreaded Las Vegas.

Does anyone ever wake up on their last day of being in Vegas and thoughtfully reflect, “I am so glad I came here”?

If you were to replace the term “Hot Pocket” with “Las Vegas” in Jim Gaffigan’s stand-up routine, you would understand how I feel about Vegas.

Did I go to Vegas or did I rub it on my face?

Good morning!  You just got back from Vegas!  You’re about to call in sick.

I heard they now have cheap airfares to Vegas. Fiiiinally!

Don’t bother drinking or eating while in Vegas – place Vegas directly into the toilet.

My back hurts…

Las Ve-gas!

So, not to be all ungrateful about being able to get away with my hubby and meet up with friends old and new, I can say that I did have fun while I was there.  It’s just… the price I paid for having that kind of fun leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  No pun intended.


  1. JT

    I'm so glad you came to Vegas. I've said it before, you are a superstar friend and you proved it in spades… It was so fun to see you and Brown-Eyed Hubby in pure couple mode. The love and affection you two share alternately make me tad jealous, but immensely hopeful. If two knuckleheads like you can make it work, perhaps there's a chance for me 🙂


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