My Gooberhood Knows No Bounds

I dun gone and dun it again.

I stuck my foot in my mouth.  Again.  Making a fool of myself is nothing new in my world, but this time I had to apologize to a new cyber-friend.

It’s worth telling not only because it’s an excuse to point and laugh at me, but because the two blogs I got confused are super-awesome and are worth checking out.

I started following these two blogs around the same time: Yep, They Are All Mine and An American Mom in Paris.  And they are both laugh-out-loud funny.  And both the authors have the same “writing voice” (in my mind, anyway).  Long story short, I commented on Yep’s post something regarding an incident that happened to American Mom, and ended up confusing Yep because of the totally irrelevant comment I made about a Stupid Umbrella.

Of course, Yep asked me WTF? and thought she was losing her mind because she had no idea what the Stupid Umbrella comment meant.  For a half a second, I thought about trying to sweep it under the rug and ignore it, and let her think yes, she was losing her mind!!  For another half a second, I thought about making up a story about how I remember her mentioning a Stupid Umbrella a long time ago in one of her posts??  But in the end, I chose to come clean and tell her the real, embarrassing story.

There was no way for her to know that this incident is totally plausible IRL because she doesn’t know me and has no idea that I am a goober.  She has never read this post.  However, she was gracious enough to hear me out and even laugh with me and maybe even at me.

To me, even something as silly as this is worth writing about.  It was an example of a connection made.  A laugh shared.  An embarrassing admission.

This is why I blog.

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