Why I Blog

{I was inspired to write this by Erin, whose blog is called Elegant Girl.  Take a look at the post that inspired me}

When I began blogging almost two years ago, it was the only thing in my life that was just for me, an outlet where I could ramble on about things that didn’t have anything to do with taking care of my family.  I have always loved being a SAH mom, and the camaraderie with other moms who had kids my own children’s ages.  We would share “war stories” and laughs over coffee while the kids played and we got much needed Girl Time.  We would screw up the the courage to go to a restaurant with our kids so that we could enjoy a meal that we didn’t have to prepare or clean up, and also so that when the sideways glances were invariably given by stodgy patrons, they weren’t solely directed at my child.

But our kids are the age now where most of my friends have gone back to work.  That left a social hole in my life.  Since I no longer had physical friends to depend on, I turned to the virtual kind.  And I have been pleasantly surprised by the warm community of women I have inserted myself into.  It’s like we were all looking for each other.

Most of the blogs I follow are by women who have the same insecurities I do.  They are going through the same struggles in life that I am.  They have the need to vent or process and they lay it out there in black and white in hopes that there is someone out there who “gets” it.  After all, if we weren’t ultimately looking for companionship, we’d just write in a diary we kept on our nightstand.  Aren’t we all just looking to be understood?  To feel “a part of” something?

And those aren’t even the parts that speak to my soul.

I have found that when God plants the need to create in your soul, it NEVER GOES AWAY.  It can lie dormant for many years, covered up by marriage and motherhood and life in general, but it never leaves your heart.  I have so enjoyed seeing the “rebirthing” of dreams once forgotten shared among friends in this thing called The Blogosphere.

The common theme of rediscovering self is a part of so many of the blogs I follow.  The transparency with which these women share themselves is amazing, and I feel like I know so many of them personally, even though we have never met face-to-face.  It blows my mind to think that I consider some of the people I’ve met because of blogging (or even Twitter) to be Kindred Spirits.  But I do.

I blog to get out what I once held inside.

I blog to be heard.

I blog to document my life.

I blog to revive in my soul what was once dead.

I blog for Me.

And I have found that a good Me is a good Wife, Mother, and Friend.  Investing in Me benefits those around me.  It’s a win-win situation.  And also?  It’s f-u-n.  Couldn’t we all use a bit more of that in our lives?


  1. {nikki}

    Thanks so much, guys! It's funny the thrill of getting comments. Most of my friends don't blog, so they aren't “followers” and instead of leaving comments here, they e-mail or Facebook me. I ❤ comments and I ❤ readers even more! Thanks!!


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