Europe 2010 – Day 2: Monaco

After dinner out with our dear friends Valérie and Nicolas (whom we met in the US when they were expated from their native Paris, but have since moved home), we returned to our hotel to get a few hours of sleep before we woke up and flew to Nice.  From there we rented a car and set off on our next adventure, which was to drive to Venice.

{I can’t believe I just wrote that paragraph.  I never thought I would have life experiences like this.  God created me with wanderlust and he allowed me to marry a man who enjoys travel, too.  I am sooo blessed.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming…whenever I get the chance to escape from Suburbia…}

Our first stop was Monte Carlo, Monaco.  We parked and walked the “main drag” near the casino and Hotel de Paris, both of which were so swanky you couldn’t even go in the lobby to look around unless you were a guest.

The name’s Bond.  James Bond.

Our first order of business was to find some breakfast.  Once again, we Americans walk in like we own the joint and start asking for food, forgetting that there is no 24/7 mentality in Europe.  We had no idea what time it was, only that we had been awake and hungry for hours.  It was some time before “lunch” and the kitchen wasn’t open yet, but the waiter brought us some kind of pre-made sandwich-type thing.  It wasn’t memorable, but it sufficed.

We walked around the area, which was on a loop of the Monaco circuit of the Formula One race, and saw some of the world’s most expensive cars.  Case in point:

Pagani Zonda

Ummmm…yeah… this model was one of 17 in the (whole! entire!) world and cost around $1million.  It was funny to watch the crowd gather around it and start snapping pictures like most people do with celebrity sightings.  What was funnier, though, was watching the valet from the hotel, who was dressed in tails and top hat, squeeze himself into the car and park it.

Apparently it is some people’s dream to drive their cars on the actual Formula One Monaco Grand Prix track, which is left marked year-round.  Ok, so.. we did it, too, and I must admit it was pretty fun.

More of our short tour of Monaco.  It was surreal.  I felt like I was on a movie-set or something.

The shops and the street to the right
The harbor to the left (the palace is on the hill in the upper left)
Me and Mah Honey!

And this one, just for artistic value:

I love how the fog rolled in over the mountains…

And then one more “just because I think it’s cool” picture.

This was right in front of the Casino Monte-Carlo, which you can see in the reflection

Then we left this fairy-tale land of Princes and Princesses.  On our way out of town, we stopped for one more photo op.  We parked on the opposite side of the road and had to run back across, dodging the wanna-be Formula One racers to get these shots:

Totally worth risking our lives for

Yeah, I’d say it was.


  1. {cuppakim}

    so i already knew we were kindred.
    but this post
    totally solidified it.

    guess where i'll be two weeks from today? yep, monte carlo.

    i have done almost ZERO research – because I know it will just be amazing – so all of your pictures were an awesome surprise for me.

    and totally inspiring.

    i have a feeling i may be copying some of what you have going in this post.

    aghhhh! you have made me so excited 🙂


  2. {nikki}

    Ooh I forgot! I have a video to show you of our drive out of the city. We were looking for the spot where she wrecked that is supposed to be memorialized. I will find it as soon as S gives me back my computer. Don't hold your breath.. It might be awhile!!


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