I am so. completely. DONE. with. summer.

Summer has never been my favorite time of year weather-wise.  Or clothes-wise.  Let’s be honest here: being sweaty doesn’t bode well for feeling pretty, now, does it?

Every summer we ask ourselves, “Why do we live in this God-forsaken place?!?!”  We struggle through summer after summer, but come fall, it seems like all is forgiven.  So I am going to try to capture my emotions during this time of relentless heat.

This is what I have had to look forward to for the past few weeks, and there is no end in sight:

Lemme tell ya, my car is accurate.  This wasn’t after it had been sitting in the sun for hours on end.  Nooooo…. this was while I was running errands the other day.  Or attempting to.  After the second time I had to go home and change my clothes because I had sweated through them, I gave up and just stayed home.

I don’t even bother putting on make-up anymore because it just melts off my face.

I can’t tell my kids to go outside and play when they are at each others’ throats inside.

I would love to take them to a park and let them run and play while I fiddle with my camera.

I would love to sit outside after the sun goes down and listen to the crickets.

But I can’t do any of those things because it’s too hot and it never cools down.

I think what gets to me the most is there is NO RELIEF.  I feel like a prisoner in my own home and there is no escape.  There is nothing to do but stay inside and it’s driving me insane.

Sorry for the rant.  I’m just done.


  1. {cuppakim}

    oh man! i just voluntarily went to arizona for the weekend – 108 every day – and i enjoyed it.

    but this post, well, i definitely feel for ya.


    sweating through your clothes is the WORST. boo 😦

    Thanks for reppin my mug-swap button! you are the BEST!


  2. {nikki}

    We do all those activities at home and don't have to pay or sweat to do them! We all just need to get out and run around, ya know? Being sedentary is getting to us all… Building RV's out of Legos and traveling the country is our latest “fun”. 🙂


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