Colorado 2011 – Day 1: Things Got Better

Robin and Mark’s backyard.  AKA Mountain Paradise.

Once we parked ourselves on their back porch, all was right with the world.  The fresh mojito Robin made me with freshly-picked mint didn’t hurt, either. 😉

The kids played outside for the first time all summer under the watchful eye of Ozzy.

Their back porch is so inviting…

We spent most of our time out there.

The only hazard we encountered was being dive-bombed by hummingbirds.  It was Rufus vs. Ruby-Throated and it was relentless.  They didn’t care who was in their way when one team “defended” their feeder.

Such pretty, little, hyper-territorial things they are.  Very entertaining.  Also entertaining?  Ozzy treeing a raccoon late that night.

Ozzy wouldn’t let him down for hours.  He was so proud of himself.

All in all, vacation day one ended well for us Suburbanites.  We got to enjoy nature, share food and drinks with friends, and not once did we have to take a hit off of freon or drive anywhere to do anything.  My kind of day.



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