Today is the first day…

Of the rest of my diet.

So. I’m trying a “real diet” for the first time. After reading Ann Gittleman’s book, The Fat Flush Plan, I am sufficiently inspired to clean out my liver and lymphatic system. After all, sluggish livers and lymph systems are the culprits behind most unsuccessful weight loss attempts.

I totally dig the science advocating having a healthy liver, and the supplements she recommends are targeted specifically toward making your liver a Happy Liver. A Happy Liver cleans out more of the “bad” stored in your body while more efficiently utilizing the “good” you feed your body.

Love, love, love. In theory.

In reality, it’s hard to desire to remove all traces of caffeine from my diet. I realized, as I weaned myself off of coffee last week, that I like coffee. Not just the jolt it gives my mental state, but the smell, the ritual, the comfort of holding that warm mug in my hands as I chat with a friend, work on my blog, or surf the internet. “Having coffee” is basis enough to catch up with a friend, whether in public or at home. So many good things in my life are associated with coffee. The best of which are time spent with My Neana and Pippa. A morning with my grandparents, reading the paper over a cup(s) of coffee, is one of the sweetest things I can think of.

Whether it’s the thrill of the taste of “the new coffee ordered from Costa Rica”, or the way my Pippa lovingly prepares my Neana’s coffee each morning (because he wakes up before her), coffee is ingrained in my life as not just a necessity, but a pleasure.

The thing about diets is the sense of deprivation they imbue within me. Maybe it’s just outright rebellion that takes over my senses, but the first day of my diet, today, I thought I would go crazy if I didn’t have a bit of dark chocolate. Or a glass of wine. Or pizza.

What is wrong with me?! When have I ever HAD to have chocolate, wine, and pizza – all at once???

Oh. I get it now. I disobeyed the cardinal rule of dieting: “Thou shalt not begin a diet the week before you have your period. You are just setting yourself up for failure.”

So today, I am going to extend myself some grace while I eat chocolate, and drink wine, and inhale pizza. And celebrate this migraine in style, rather than misery.

One Comment

  1. Debbie

    Oh, Nikki! You are a hoot! Have you started taking any of the supplements she recommended yet? Hope they help you with the symptoms of the pre-menstrual symptoms! If you've come this far with no caffeine then, don't give in! You can do it! It is so worth it.

    I am within 5lbs of goal weight. Have lost the 95 lbs and on to the Phase II of plan. Going to have to find a mini-trampoline soon, because I am behind on the exercise program. What you think about the jumping and the lymphatic system detox thing? Very interesting, huh?
    Love you,
    Aunt Deb


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