Wednesday Wildcard Infatuation

Wildcard can be a person, place, thing or idea. Or anything else I decide to make it. 🙂

Today I am choosing to share my love for a new twit-friend, Beth Arnold. In addition to being from my home state (Go Hogs!), she did something that I am totally enamored of – she and her hubby packed it up and moved to Paris on a relative whim. I *so* admire the courage and leap of faith it took to do something like that. I hope to be similarly brave someday…

Her blog is not only informative, it is also a good read, and her tweets are chock full of interesting links. Be sure to find the link to read about her and her husband’s adventure of a lifetime, as written in his book Chasing Matisse. Fascinating. And somuchfun at the same time!

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